This is most certainly not a Boot Camp or a Board & Train.

It’s designed for dogs who are dog aggressive and would benefit from socialisation with other dogs.

It is exclusive. On the days your dog is enrolled, we don’t have other dogs in, only Eric’s own. They are trained for this.

Activities and Exercise


1 Crate Training – Dog socialisation and pack structure.

2 Treadmill training (if required). Doggy

3 Cycling with dogs.

4 Long-line estuary walks.

5 Serious doggy tug & ball games.

6 Sand pits, pools, umbrellas (for serious snooze time).


Please note: This camp should make your dog ‘Pack Social’ but not necessarily good with ‘All’ dogs.


It won’t fix lead pulling or leash reactivity.

If these traits are an issue for you, we can do a one-hour training session for a reduced fee when you come to pick up your dog.


Minimum stay 5 nights. Cost $625.00 (works out to be $125.00 per night). Then, $75.00 per night thereafter. Payment is required in full when you drop off your dog.




Booking enquiries via the Contact Page or send a message from Facebook.