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Client Testimonials

“We got Banjo from K9 Rescue, and it was obvious that he had no training in his previous life. After two weeks, we were pulling our hair out, nearly ready to take him back. But we knew of Eric through our friend Jenny, (In House Dog Sitting) as well as K9 Rescue, where Eric is a Volunteer. Eric really opened our eyes as to what can be achieved with some persistence and practice. We are still working on some issues, but Banjo now sleeps in his own bed most of the night, is completely toilet trained, doesn’t rush for the front door to go out, he waits for us to go first, and is quite happy to eat after us. Eric’s interaction with Banjo was amazing, we were completely amazed at what he accomplished in two hours, his knowledge of dog behaviour is incredible. Obviously, we are just mere mortals, but we are trying and Banjo is a happy little dog.”

– Reg & Gayle Yates

“Within ten minutes of meeting our new rescue dog Jose Eric had her completely under control. I think he hypnotized her.”

– Louise Warnbro

“When we got home Eric had been working with our dog for ten minutes he was a different dog I’m pretty sure he changed dogs when we weren’t looking.”

– Andy Halls Head

“Our new rescued dog Ella wanted to kill our cat. Eric from Dog Communicator had them sitting side by side on the couch within a hour.”

– Rebecca City Beach

“Thank you so much Eric for helping Red overcome his fear of people after his traumatic experience. Please put this in your testimonials as you deserve such credit for the work you do.”
– Chris and Red
“I am the owner of Poppy, a young Staffordshire bull terrier bitch. I picked Poppy up from her breeders when she was 8 weeks old. With Eric’s assistance, guidance and valuable knowledge I have brought her up to be a well adjusted, well mannered young lady! Living on a small farm I had the dilemma of lack of socialization with other dogs which Eric stressed was an essential part of her upbringing plus assimilating her with our very exciting (for a staffy!!) livestock – lots of sheep, chickens and horses! She now wanders amongst our sheep and chickens understanding they are ‘off limits’ and not part of her daily fun! Staffies are often renowned for being quite aggressive with other dogs but with Eric’s excellent education and handling she mixes obligingly with any other dogs. Without Eric’s expertise and natural affinity towards dogs I would not have the fabulous dog I have.”

– (no name by request)

Training the “Place” Command 

Training the “Down” Command 

Eric and a friendly dog

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