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About Eric

I grew up in rural Scotland surrounded by working dogs. There were Springer Spaniels, Labradors, Retrievers, and Border Collies.

I have now had over 50 years of dog training and behavioural experience. I am qualified to Level 3 in dog behaviour with the National Dog Training Federation of Australia.

I currently work as a behavioural specialist with dogs for private clients.

Main Specialties:

  • Lead reactivity
  • Dog on dog aggression.
  • Dogs with aggression towards humans.
  • Obedience, recall and heel through gentle e collar training.

I also work with 10 of the largest dog rescue centres in Western Australia. During the last decade I have been invited into many pound facilities in the metro area and South of the river.

During that time, I have assessed over 100,000 dogs. Working with this staggering number of rescue dogs has given me an understanding of and empathy for damaged dogs that most in the industry would have difficulty comprehending.

As a result of my experience with damaged, fearful dogs I am privileged to hold seminars for people in the dog industry. I instruct them on how to react when faced with any sort of aggressive or unwanted dog behaviour.